November 28, 2011

We still live. ha ha ha

Its amazing how lack of Internet on the boat could lead to such big breaks in the blog! With two jobs and Sarah and I both taking classes there hasn't been many moments to do anything else. Developments on the boat are minimal. We have been re packing and figuring out where to put stuff. We have been doing some work on the engine and such. Oh, I guess the big thing was that I built a snow cover for the boat! We are completely protected and the snow load just slides right off. This hopefully will allow me to get some deck work done over the winter and replace or re-seat some leaking port lights. We also had a sad occurrence in that one of our cats has flew the coup. He started some really bad habits of peeing on things and spent the night on the back deck. I guess he decided to move on. He was sighted by a few folks up running around the subdivision above the harbor, hopefully he found one to make his own. We miss him greatly!
Tongass, the wild one! No he didn't wear his pack when he left. Lol
 So lately we have had record snow levels for November. Got the cover on just in time.
First snow, as you can see the water in the harbor even froze a little that week. Crazy weather
We have a really good heater on the boat and stay right around 65 depending on where you are in the boat. Its really amazing we have lived on it for 2 months now. Seems like we have always been here, so comfy and cozy. We anxiously await spring to go and play amongst the whales and waves!
This last weekend being a holiday weekend we actually had enough days to get things done and take an afternoon to ourselves. We decided due to short day light and time in our schedule to drive out the road. As the weather proved we should have gone the other way, we drove right into a snow storm! Ha ha ha. Its was fun though to drop the truck in 4 wheel and Cruise along. We did get some sun breaks about Eagle Beach and with the tide really high it made the area look totally new and strange. It all looked like islands due to the snow cover and high tide. Got a couple good shots and thought to post up the pano that I put together.
Such a gorgeous sunset! 
So all in all things are going good, term in school is wrapping up and we should start to have more time in the future. Hope all had a great turkey day and wish all well!!!

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