February 7, 2012

A week of "summer"

Well we just got back this weekend from a week long trip to Oregon. The weather was awesome, like a summer day here in Juneau, ha ha ha. Fifty five degrees and sunny! We had a great time seeing friends and visiting our favorite restaurants. We also did the classic and spent time shopping for things you just cant find or afford in Alaska. Lance and Mary were kind enough to lend us their car and so we even got some coast time in. Nothing like putting your toes in the sand and relaxing while thinking of the frozen harbor back home!! So as usual we will just get to the point and present the pictures!!
After a few days of eating and drinking we needed a hike, so we went to the gorge, not really needing to go play in snow, plenty of that back home! For those that don't know this is Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge, shot from parking lot to include the wonderful old building.

Final destination of our hike, triple falls
small but nice looking little fall on the way up

my good friend Anthony, was good to see him and get out in the woods together

Silliness in the woods, these two with their smart phones are "fishing", seriously guys? your in the woods,  ha ha ha.  (Matt, Sarah, Anthony enjoying the wonderful world of technology)
Out at the new garage at my folks house. My niece is so cute!! Sarah is trying to hide her Alaskan eyes from the sun! lol

Seal rock beach, just down from the folks

More Seal Rock Beach

Beautiful sunset!

Took my sister's new dog down to the beach, it kept chasing and biting the waves, sometimes getting its whole head buried, absolutely hilarious

We also visited the aquarium, thought this one turned out pretty good

Sea otter at the aquarium

After buying shades Sarah was much happier! Last stop at the beach, Agate Beach, before heading back to the valley

BW artsy shot of Agate Beach head

Visited the boys a couple of times, this time Cody played us some songs he has written, pretty good! I don't know where they get it, definitely not from me as those of you unlucky enough to hear me sing know! lol
 After the coast we stopped to see Fred and Jessica for a night in McMinnville, but there isn't photo evidence of those shenanigans, ha ha ha

On the shuttle plane from Portland to Seattle, sun lit the prop nicely!
All in all, we had a wonderful trip, thank you to everyone for a great time, we miss you all already. Next time you get to come up here! lol