December 31, 2010

Winter Fun

Sorry it has been such a long time since my last post. Seasonal fun and all. Work has been busy with the holiday festivities, but now is starting to calm down just a little. I received a promotion this week, more responsibility and pay to match. Should be fun and challenging!
Anyways, our son Christopher came up to visit for a few weeks. Unfortunately this was right in the middle of my busy time and we didn't get to have all the adventures that we wanted to, we did go out and enjoy the copious amounts of snow we received and even squeezed in a trip to Peterson Lake cabin. Funny, its the same cabin we stayed in when he was just knee high to a grasshopper (No longer the case, ha ha ha) We arrived just before dusk, around 3 or so and got the fire going and dropped our gear, I stepped out with my camera and caught the final tips of pink on the distant mountains.

Chris brought some multi-colored light sabers and we became inspired to play in the dark with them and try some photography. We got some pretty cool shots, some new ideas and inspiration for future attempts. Our creativity seems to build on each other. So without further adieu....
Basic sword moves

More like a ninja this time. ha ha ha

looks kinda like Hubble pictures from space

Chris playing imaginary drums, this began some serious inspiration

Then we decided to make Chris visible and play with the lighting effects

What can I say, Chris being Chris.   LASER EYES!

This one is really cool, less for the lighting, more for the effect is had on Chis, he looks like a video game character.

 Then after playing in the cabin we decided to go out into the night. It was around 5-7 degrees and clear as a bell, so play time was a bit short.

Almost a full moon, just days before the lunar eclipse.
Chris running across the snow, really cool

now he is running at me waving his arms, one of my favorites

doing a little dance and pretending to drum, he was letting his "spirit" loose. ha ha ha

"Fire in the trees" When several

With multi color
 We tried a bunch of other things and some worked some not, most inspired other ideas to be tried in the future. We both couldn't feel our fingers or our noses, so it was time to head into the warm cabin and enjoy some hot cider.
View from the porch of the cabin

Everything looked so magical in the morning sun

Boat ramp on the lake

View of distant mountains through the trees