September 21, 2010

Why I live here

The week is busy with school and work, but before class last night I rushed out and took some photos. It was another gorgeous day in Juneau Alaska! For any of you that wonder what the pull is for Sarah and I, well maybe this will help. Lol
Shot from side of road on way out to the glacier, just looked kinda cool
shot from my truck in the parking lot, didn't even have to get out. ha ha
The real reason for this post though is the panoramics that I shot. They give some really nice scope and view.
Shot across Auke Lake on the Campus of my school, UAS

standing on the private kayak dock at UAS, full 180* shot.
So anyways, running off to class to sit and gaze out the window on this view all night, well till it gets dark, which is earlier every day. Have a great one and hope you enjoyed the shots, more to come.....