July 23, 2010

Juneau Sunshine :)

Well, any of you that have lived here know the joke already!! Those that do not, well it goes like this, we get our sun in the form of liquid falling from the sky. ha ha ha. Not so good for the tan, but keeps everyone and everything hydrated!! Today looked like the middle of November outside, we had high speed winds slamming things around and the rain just kept coming. Spent the day working at the Silverbow making lunches and coffee for customers that looked more like drowned rats than people when they walked in the door. As usual though, Juneau-ites just keep on smiling and trudge on through with their Extra-Tuffs, and raincoats with the hoods pulled up.  Spending the weekend working on the STAR set for Perseverance theatre and should have some cool pics of that early next week. Other than that not much going on and just trying to keep dry. Don't look up too long, you might drown :)  !!!!