August 22, 2010

Baby Naming

To my mother, no..there is no baby in our future. ha ha ha. My employers recently had twin girls and today was the baby naming ceremony. This, as was explained to me, is the female version of a brisk. Basically a reason for the Jewish community to come together and celebrate the births and introduce the newborns to the congregation, and to eat much good food. It was a very nice ceremony, spoken in both Hebrew and English, and the little ones even behaved themselves throughout. Which as we were discussing with Jill, it is a rare moment when they both are happy and quiet. They are both so very cute. There names are Tillie and Adina, named after grandparents on both sides and or their Hebrew name. I didn't think to take my camera, duh, so there are no pics to post other than this one which is right after their birth, stolen from Jill's Facebook, sorry Jill.

Jill and Ken also have an older son Solomon. So with the three kids their house is a busy one. We wish them all the best and congrats on the newborns. Now it is off to work for the night.

Beautiful Sunny Day!!

Ok, almost caught up. The other day was absolutely gorgeous here. Around eighty degrees and sunny, had to work unfortunately, but before going in I went downtown and took some pictures. The first here is a full 360 degree panoramic of downtown Juneau from the small float dock near the Hangar at the Warf. If you look closely you will notice a young couple dancing on the dock under the bow of a cruise ship. They were doing the tango!!

One of the many float planes that do tours on the glacier, getting ready for take off. The mountain in the back ground is Mt. Jumbo on Douglas Island. We are hoping for a good day and time off to do that summit this summer. If the weather is good the photos should be awesome!

This is the Merchants Warf that houses many small tourist shops and The Hangar Rest., the most beers on tap in Juneau, over 100!! The mountain behind is Mt. Juneau and really is as vertical as it looks. It was such a gorgeous day! The large white building is SeaAlaska, a native corporation.

One of the older cruise ships from water level. The building to the left is our parking garage, I believe it is about 6 stories tall. These ships are massive and literally dwarf downtown. They carry more passengers and crew on one boat than all the residents of the immediate downtown area and sometimes we can have up to six in at a time. It gets really crazy downtown on those days!!

In contrast, this small wooden craft powered by a wood burning steam engine, is very small and cute. It takes a limited number of passengers for a trip down the channel and gives info on the sites and history of the area. It really is a very cool boat.
Well that is about it for today. More to come if the weather returns!! Take care.