October 9, 2010

Fall in Alaska

Haven't had time to post lately, sorry. We actually have had some pretty great weather lately off and on and managed to get out and enjoy some of it. The rest of our time has been filled with work and school. Things are going pretty well up here, enjoying the beautiful place we live. Today the weather is pretty cool. We are enjoying a huge wind storm with some rain. 45 mile an hour winds in exposed locations, but strangely warm due to the fact its coming from the southeast.

Picture of fall colors that I enhanced slightly to look like a painting
We got out one evening and ran around Dredge lake area, near the glacier, and caught just the tail end of the sunset. The fall colors were out and the sky was clear that day. Unfortunately I was too lazy to carry a tripod and so most images were not worth posting, but I got a few and thought to share them. Those that know the area remember that this used to be overrun with ATVs and they really tore it up, but now it is protected and the area is beginning to heal. The loops of trails now are utilized by walkers, joggers, and mountain bikers and with no loud engines one can here the birds and such. This area is across the main road, Back Loop Hwy, from the neighborhood we live in, thus giving us two areas within walking distance to enjoy the outdoors, yay!!
Mt. Bullard in the reflection

reflections on Dredge Lake
Then unfortunately the weather went south on us. When next we could see these mountains they had a dusting of snow on them. First the towers at the back of the glacier and then Stroller white got dusted and then McGinnis got a dusting too. As of yesterday the snow level seems to be about 3000 ft. and dropping, fast.

So last Sunday the weather was pretty good and Sarah and I headed up to Herbert Glacier. Its a smooth easy trail that is frequented by runners, bikers, and hikers. They have really done a lot of work in the last few years to this trail. We got to the end of the trail and continued up the side of the river and got some great views of the glacier. For my folks these shots of the glacier will be surprising just how far Herbert has receded.
I call these Rose Fungus, some really look the part.
As we headed up the trail, the sun came out, this is steam rolling off the forest, kinda cool
First view of Herbert and the river delta at the terminal moraine
The glacier is split in half now by this small mountain and this shot is of the division.
This the right hand side, much smaller and less melt off, river coming from left side.
Coming around the corner to the left side, notice the dark line in the ice

Upon closer inspection, one can really see how a glacier moves rock. Amazing
Looking up to the slopes for goats, found some, but too far for photos
All in all a great hike for first of October, I also found some gold flake in the river sand. Sarah just laughs at me, but, "THERE IS GOLD IN THEM THERE HILLS", ha ha ha. Maybe try my hand at some panning sometime, would be cool! Well that is all for now, time to grab another cup of coffee and watch the trees sway in the wind. Take care everyone, ttyl.