June 27, 2011

Been Awhile

Well sorry to everyone, it has been a long time since I last posted to the blog. So in short for those who don't know, I had a little incident that resulted in breaking my clavicle, and well typing a blog one handed didn't seem like too much fun. Now about a month out I am out of the sling and I can type with both hands. The actual bone break is healing well but other injuries incurred at the same time, such as my shoulder, knee and other bump and bruises are proving to be slightly slower in the healing and there seems to be some serious bruising. Everyday though I get stronger and feel more and more like myself.
One of the sad things of this injury was the inability to use my camera so there haven't been any shots to even post, but with the ability to lift my arm again, the pictures have begun again. Yay!
During the last month or so of healing I have changed my job, and I am now the Asst. Technical Director for Perseverance Theater here in Juneau. Meaning that I have a full time paying gig building sets for this seasons up coming shows. So hopefully there will be some challenges and such that warrant mention here, such as the router jig that started this whole blog thing.
One of the first hikes I was able to do, lighting was bad, but these flowers in the field were very nice

On another hike in the rain, I found these during a rain break
For summer solstice Sarah and I went for a picnic at Sunshine Cove, it was so beautiful
While having our picnic and beating back the insane bug population we were able too watch humpbacks out in Lynn Canal feeding, then suddenly there was a different blow sound and fins cutting through the water. Amazing, an entire pod of Orcas came by just outside the island heading towards deeper water. We sat and watched them fish for over an hour, eagles soaring in the sky and peace and quiet. Couldn't ask for a better solstice!
As a final note to this blog, I also just got hired by UAS to work on a project that will create a modeling program to culminate data from multiple agencies throughout the gulf of Alaska and compile it to create a better understanding of glacial runoff into the ocean. This research will encompass multiple aspects and hopefully give us the ability to predict and understand the effects of snow pack, precipitation, and glacial recession on the local system including the food chain and its timing. At this point I only have a basic idea of the outcome, but it sounds really exciting. I am working with my favorite professor at the university and looking forward to it. So, this has been the summer of change, I finally have found jobs, as Sarah says "grown up jobs", that interest me and have a future. Things are going to get kinda crazy when these two and school all line up but I am looking forward to the challenge. I have finally found careers that interest me and excite me.
On another note, we are looking seriously at a couple of sailboats that we hope to purchase and move on to by summers end at latest. Main issue at this point is pulling enough capital together, this will decide which we choose. One is a real fixer upper but it is cheap and would be immediate, the other is a real gem but costs more. The question now is how much debt and time doing repairs do we want. The larger boat could seriously be the "end boat", large enough to live on for some time, the other would be a stepping stone to something substantial. We are leaning towards the larger boat right now, especially with time needed for new adventures. Well we shall have to wait and see. This is a very exciting time for us right now, so close to realizing some dreams that we have had for over a decade!!
Well that is all for now, weather is nice out so hopefully I will get some more photos to post. Till next time, peace to everyone and I hope life is treating you decent.