April 26, 2011

Its summer vacation

Well that is it, turned in the last project, what's done is done! Now I get to look forward to a great summer of adventures and fun! I miss the ice, it makes a great piece to photograph, but happy that the tree buds are starting to come on, some grass is poking out of some peoples lawns (not mine, it has more moss and weeds than grass, ha ha ha). So long last summer is here! Went for a hike this Sunday, Easter, to Pt. Bridget. Figured it was a good day, sunny and all, to go out work on the tan and relax.Ha ha ha!  Along the way we ran into one of Sarah's co-workers and hiked together. We all agreed it was truly a wonderful day. As we sat there we heard the whales off in the distance blowing, but too far to get photos of. Then soon they were near us and rounding the point. It is truly amazing how fast they move with so little effort. As we scrambled over the boulders to get a look at them we heard the sound. They were feeding just on the other side of the point. It was so loud, we could feel it through the rocks. I wouldn't want to be in the water when a big whale does that, it could blow your eardrums. We looked at each other with excitement and almost ran the last few hundred yards. When we climbed up to the top of the point just past Blue Muscle Cabin we heard it again and then they were gone. We waited patiently, but no sign. Its a pretty deep hole right out there so we kept expecting them to surface as a group, hopefully as a bubble net. Alas it wasn't meant to be and the next sighting was just as they passed the next point headed south, about a 1/4 mile or so away. I called it quits and decided we would never catch up with them, kicking myself the whole time for not going out to the point to begin with. Oh well, it was still amazing and the day was worth it, just to hear them is amazing.
The last siting as they rounded the point
So, of course without whales to shoot I did some landscape shots and of course, Sarah. Ha ha ha. The kids will recognize this pose, although I don't think Lewis and Clark ever made it this far.
Unfortunately there was a hazy blue hue over most everything as is usually the case here but I did get some good shots of mountains on our side and of the Chilkat range.
I waited forever for the sun to light up this face, oh well, I thought it looked good to climb, not me, someone else. ha ha ha
I liked the perspective, you can never capture this place, but this gives a sense of the enormity of it all
 Chilkat range, awesome spire, straight up vertical on this side and the ducks wanted in the shot too.

Then on the way home Sarah spotted a whale really close in and these kayakers in the distance.

 Then to end the day the whales went north again, and the sun showed us one last show and off we went. All around a great day!  Happy Easter