February 27, 2011

Been a while

Hello everyone, its been some time since I posted, sorry. Life has been good but very busy. With work I received a new position, I am now the Food and Beverage Manager. This includes all my prior Kitchen manager responsibilities along with new ones, ordering, planning and well just about anything that has to do with food and beverages. Ha ha ha. School is going well also, but between the two I am a very busy person. Most of my meager free time has been taken up with enjoying the place we live and sleeping. So I thought with this post I would simply put up pictures and give details as they are needed. Today's weather is gorgeous but cold, about 5 degrees at the airport which means it is colder back here next to the ice cube. Also we have winds about 40 mph here in the valley and 65 mph downtown and in exposed areas. They are saying the wind chill is about 20 below and I just poked my head out a few minutes ago and feel that they are being very generous with that number. Brrrrrrr! So today will be a homework, blogging, house cleaning and calling family kind of day. So without further aideu, onto what you all want, the pictures......
For new year we went to Auke Rec and had a weenie roast with some friends, it was dark and cold, but it was a total blast, it was a sober party and a great start to a new year!!!
Looking across Benjamin Island, Shot B&W Because the colors were flat but the light was good

Shortly after winter break a big storm rolled in and rained all the snow away. When the sun came back it was really windy and so Sarah and I decided to go for a drive out the road. The colors were pretty flat but lighting was interesting, so I went for a black and white shot, Ansel Adams style.
Horse Island in Sunshine Cove

Winter storm on Benjamin Island, where we kayaked this summer with whales, not going out there now!
Looking across Favorite Channel
Panoramic of Favorite Channel and Benjamin Island
A hidden cove just past sunshine, packed full of ice blown in off the ocean
my sweetie pie, staying warm in the truck, notice the ice face covering the rocks behind her?

So for those that read Sarah's blog, you have already heard about the new ice skates. I took a few pics of our first outing. We hadn't had them sharpened yet and so control was questionable at best, all my shots are from view of me on my butt. ha ha ha!
Zoom, Zoom! Look at her go!
Such a happy day, Sarah got new skates!!!
My new skates, soooo coool!!

The weather was awesome, clear and not windy. We found we could travel so much faster with the ice skates. We took off across the lake and found some really cool icebergs. There is nothing more photogenic than ice and sun.....
During the last thaw large pieces of the lake lifted and icebergs rolled over, looks really cool
One of my favorite shots, this was about 15 ft tall, I am fully under it.

During last thaw these were pools cascading down, I centered it with the glacier for the continuous look

Same erratic from other side, the whole cube glowed except where the rock and dirt was

The reflections were just so awesome, ice and sun, a great combination
The rock is about half the size of VW Bug
Cathedral of ice, Superman's hide out?
I love the mimic effect of the mountain

Some poor puppy left this on the lake and it froze in, kinda cool

landscape of ice