October 23, 2010

Weekend Adventures

This was on the way home from work this week, looking north over the Gastineau Channel

So today was the first day of what looks to be a four day weekend. Due to some time off coming up for a hunting trip, I am covering other managers while they get some time and just so happened to create this nice chunk of time. Which is good, cause Sarah and I really needed to get out in the woods and experience some "wild" time. As it works out, the weather was pretty good, high over cast skies with the occasional sprinkles, but all in all a good day, not so good for the photos though. This is a major bummer due to the stark contrast on the mountains with all the freshly fallen snow. I could barely see the difference between them and the clouds so I didn't even try with the camera. We decided that due to the late get up and go time, coffee and reading on the couch seemed better at that time, we wanted to stay low and keep it short. Sheep Creek it was! This for those that are not from around here is a quaint little valley that runs somewhat parallel to Silverbow basin and was also at one time a major gold mining area. Now it supports a local dog sled team in the summer and acts as a power corridor for the local service. Also the mouth of the creek has a hatchery, but the run is terminated at sea level. Its about 800 ft. up at first at a very steep pitch and then into the valley floor. The mountains and hanging glaciers in the back of the valley are just awesome and sprinkled throughout are ruins from the mining days. Found some old steam parts from the mining train and other various things, but never felt to pull out the camera. Then on the way back I found a side trail and landed in a private area, posted, oops! Anyways, there are some pieces of equipment around and looks like someone tried to mine but possibly a cave in stopped their progress, also there was an old house that I remembered from my younger days and so I got a shot of it too. Not too much else, after that headed out the road for a drive and just caught the tail end of a very pretty sunset.
This was apparently the superintendents house of the mining railroad

pretty handy looking contraption, wish I could use it to shovel the drive. ha ha

How would you like to commute to work in this thing? Into a hole in the ground?

View south from the trail, looking over the tip of Douglas Island