July 21, 2010

Finally Home

Well, after a decade of living in Oregon in the great city of Portland, Sarah and I have finally made it back to Juneau Alaska. Coming home had some very mixed emotions for me originally. I grew up in this small town on the inside coast of southeast Alaska on what is called the Panhandle. I made the usual mistakes and enemies that everyone makes in their early years and wasn't sure how I felt about returning. When Sarah got a job here. I had to ask myself...was I ready to go back? Well, the answer only came to me when I actually arrived and finally got settled into our new life, yes! This is truly some of the most beautiful country that a person could call home. The kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing, and fishing are top notch!!!

I am not sure exactly what this blog will encompass or where it will finally end up, but as with all things in life it will take its own natural path. I hope it allows my friends and family to have a glimpse into the life we are making for ourselves up here and to keep them all somewhat connected to us. The distance is amazingly far and time has a way of zipping along and people tend to become lost along the way, so hopefully this will help us all stay in tune. I will be posting pictures and blogs of our adventures and worth while experiences. As a aspiring photographer I have my own photo page that will be linked to this site, so most of my serious work will be posted there where people can order prints of all sizes and even framing. Also, those that know Sarah and are interested I will also be putting up a link to her blog site, hopefully we don't have too much repetitive things. My hope is two people with two different views on the same life could be pretty fun!!!

Feel free to post your comments and after reviewing them I will post them up. Suggestions on changes to basic layout, content, etc are all welcome along with the general hello and such. Well for now not much else to say, so chat again soon......