October 11, 2010

After the Storm

The weather broke today, oh what glorious sites too see!! The snow level has dropped yet again and is down to the tree line. Thunder Mountain has snow on its top peak and all the mountains around the glacier are capped in fresh white snow. Most of the sky was cloudy on the way home, but just as I headed towards the back of the valley the sun shone through onto Mt. Bullard and oh what a site it was. I had to immediately pull a tourist move, slam on the brakes and hit a side street to get a few shots. The glimpse only lasted a few seconds and this is the best shot I got. Then unfortunately it was home, change and off to school for me, more Shakespeare awaited my arrival!! Oh whoa is me, to have time to play in the trees and beget thy studies!! ha ha ha
This was another good shot for lighting, but the composition is not as good.