July 31, 2010

The set has taken its basic shape

So after many days of working both my jobs and not blogging at all, I have a new post for ya'll.
Over the last few days we have moved the panels and platforms from our shop in Lemon Creek to the location of the plays. The building is located on the UAS campus overlooking the expansive parking area with the backdrop of the Mendenhall Glacier, just barely visible due to growing trees, and the surrounding mountain range. This is a very picturesque setting, the audience sits in the back of the covered area and faces the vista. Unfortunately this creates a back lighting that for any theatre techs out there, you will recognize as slightly a nightmare. Anyways, we have lighting ability and a good tech that will get this all straightened out. We will need lots of front light!!! So with no further adeiu, the stage!!!
Due to that back lighting I had to cut the top of the picture off, but do not dispair.....I have a shot that I pasted together as well as possible of the entire scene. Unfortunately I didn't bring my tripod to work so some amount of movement on my behalf and the main poles don't line up, but it gives you the idea, also it was an overcast day, so no view of the mountains etc.... ha ha ha
So as you can see, my posts don't exactly line up, but it gives a good idea of the layout. These little buildings are the result of the router jig in my last post. The other morning though while working the sun did come out and I took a shot with my cell phone in which you can see the mountains etc.
Very beautiful!!! This is really the life. So anyways, that is about it for today, except one last shot that was taken a few weeks ago and well, I thought I should share......
Ha ha ha ha, ain't she cute?? love ya honey!!!