May 19, 2011

Summer and the livin's easy....

So suddenly I find myself in Alaska, in the summer, and copious amounts of time on my hands. Yes, yes I have become recently unemployed.   :) 
Its a good thing. I am pursuing a couple of leads that have been there for far too long. Wish me luck. I am about to attempt to break out of the 8 hr day after day, and see if I can make a living doing things I like to do and somewhat be able to set my own schedule. This would allow for more photography at the times I need to do it, not working indoors. I really hope I can make this happen!!

So anyways, today I learned how to play disc golf.  Yea yea, I know, seriously? Depends on your take. It is fun! It is also very challenging and good exercise. Apparently since I moved away someone has opened a course, and seriously, its 5 stars. Incredible uphills, through trees, in and out of old growth forest. Which by the way trees are not friends of gently gliding discs. Tree hate or love depends on where is bounces. All in all it was a real blast! So to all those that tried to get me out there before, sorry, should have! So much lost time and courses I could have played. Ha ha ha. I also managed to have the lowest score, thus winning! Beginners luck strikes again! Thank you to a great teacher!  So anyways, that is about it for right now, weather has been awesome and I pulled off this shot of the vista view from the course. What a beautiful morning!

Yes, there is a hole down in there! Tree hate!
Friday I am thinking about trying my hand at some gold panning! Gotta bring home the bacon, right?     :) 
My Easter basket was a new gold pan and I have been itching to get out and try it. I need to check some rules tonight, don't want to claim jump! ha ha ha  Peace to all, Earnest