August 20, 2010

Perseverance Play Set

For those that are curious, this is the final set for the kids plays this summer. We have tarps over the backs to try to keep them dry. We then tore it all down on the 15th. I pulled these shots off before final strike, so sorry for the circles from the sun.

Catching Up

So life has been just flying along. Working long hours and at odd times so my outdoor adventures have been, needless to say, limited and at odd times. So I haven't had much time to catch up on the blog lately so I will just fill in the blank. The weather here was awesome for about a week, roughly 80 degrees and gorgeous!! At one point Sarah and I had a chance to take a quick hike out False Outer Point and enjoy the sunshine. We just happened to catch a ferry leaving Auke Bay and I got a few shots, this being one of the best
It is hard to tell, but it was either the LeConte or the Taku. The bugs were insane and so we were only there for a few moments and moved on quickly. Note to self, bring deet everywhere I go! Everywhere!!! Damn No-see-ums!!
 She hates to get her picture taken, but I love to!! I love the light that a sunset in Alaska throws on everything, its so soft and golden.

After obtaining about a zillion bug bites each and really not much to see after the sun went down, we hiked back to the truck and called it a day.

As we left in a hurry and ran back up the trail I pulled of a few shots for a panoramic.