September 21, 2010

Why I live here

The week is busy with school and work, but before class last night I rushed out and took some photos. It was another gorgeous day in Juneau Alaska! For any of you that wonder what the pull is for Sarah and I, well maybe this will help. Lol
Shot from side of road on way out to the glacier, just looked kinda cool
shot from my truck in the parking lot, didn't even have to get out. ha ha
The real reason for this post though is the panoramics that I shot. They give some really nice scope and view.
Shot across Auke Lake on the Campus of my school, UAS

standing on the private kayak dock at UAS, full 180* shot.
So anyways, running off to class to sit and gaze out the window on this view all night, well till it gets dark, which is earlier every day. Have a great one and hope you enjoyed the shots, more to come.....

September 19, 2010

Sunny September

Well, sorry, haven't had much to talk about and for a while the weather was horrible so no adventures. Spent most of a week after the wedding trying to fix the leaking fuel system on my truck. New tank, removed old parts that were shot and some new fuel lines and viola, I no longer loose a quarter of every gallon I buy on the ground!! This is a good thing, considering the price of fuel and if someone were to toss a smoke under my truck and start my puddle of fuel on fire, I would have been out an entire vehicle, probably get a ticket for improper disposal of a vehicle!!! ha ha ha!!!  Then with school starting and a new work schedule my days were full. On the other had we are heading into our second week of sun, in the middle of September! Yay! So this was the first two day weekend that Sarah and I have had off together since the whole employment thing and we took full advantage. Initially we were hoping to cross over to the back side of Shelter Island and stay at a cabin in Handtroller's Bay, but the marine forecast called for 7 foot seas and winds in the excess of 40 mph. Not something that sounded really fun in fully loaded kayaks. So instead we went out the road to Sunshine Cove and paddled out to the little island there, Horseshoe Island, and stayed the night. Two other local paddlers came out and also stayed with us, they were cool folks and we had an enjoyable evening chatting next to the fire. During the day Saturday we took the boats out and ran down to Benjamin Island and visited the humpbacks that live there. It was so amazing!! The seas were fairly rough and so pictures were hard to get, but the experience was amazing.
looking north to our island retreat from Bridget
We just maintained our position in the current and the whales cruised around us, we saw many tails and fin waving and at one point they were about 100 feet from us! So exhilarating when your in such a small boat at water level with creatures that large all around you. I swear they were checking us out and curious, because they kept circling us, at on point one turned, went under and I am sure from his direction that he was below us and looking up, even though we couldn't see him. About the time the wind really started to kick up and we thought to head back north to our island, the whales gave us one last tail show and headed back to their spot further south. We feel so grateful for having experienced this and their obvious interest in us. They are such beautiful creatures. On the way north we decided to take a side trip and headed further up the coast to Pt. Bridget and checked out the bay. The views were amazing! Mountains, glaciers, and whales, oh my! Then we caught the south going current and practiced some surfing and such. We got back south to our island in about 15 minutes, we were really moving! Then we ate, chatted and enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Chilkat mountain range.
Trying to post a video here from our kayak trip, let me know if it works!!  Sorry if it is sideways, now I know which way to hold the phone. lol. This is shot in the bay, just south of Pt. Bridget

Sunday morning we woke to strong winds, 6-7 foot seas with white caps. So glad we didn't have to cross back from Shelter through that. We know we could have, but none the less, it would have beat us up quite a bit. While sitting and watching the weather and the sunrise we saw a large humpback out in Lynn Canal. It was performing full breaches. Completely leaving the water, we could clearly see fins and large splashes. What a way to start the day! Later we packed up and crossed back to the mainland and went home. Time to wash the boats, sit down and have some food and maybe take a nap. Till next time. Live life to its fullest!

September 3, 2010

Juneau Wedding

Well we finally did it, after 14 years of romance we got hitched. Sept 1, 2010 at 6:00 PM. I approached Ken Alper and his wife Jill Ramiel about possibly doing a wedding on the roof and to have Ken officiate the ceremony. We have known them for about 12 years and they were very excited to help us out. I got the paperwork in order for Ken to be ordained by the state for one day and then tried to figure out when it was going to happen. With the tourist season still is full swing, our schedules are a bit rough right now and time seemed to slip away with no opportunity in sight. So Ken and I talked, I told him when and then he took over. We had planned to just 'Get er dun' and sign some papers, but Ken was to have none of that. He really made it something special. He got flowers for Sarah and a boutinear for me. Also he called in some old friends, Stephanie and Scott, she was a chef at the Silverbow back when I worked there and her husband Scott worked with us over at the Prospector before that. Scott plays the bagpipes and so downtown was filled with the sounds of our wedding.
Jill and Ken's son was there also taking photos along with Rick, the original baker that showed them the ropes and help set them up. He offered to run my camera and get some shots, which is what you see, thanks Rick. Ken said a very nice intro, explaining the connections with us and them and the bakery and importance of marriage. Then Sarah and I exchanged vows that we had written to each other and rings (still the same ones we always had, new ones in near future).
For our witnesses two of our friends came to the rescue. For Sarah, her dearest friend Verity and for me, our good friend Brad, who just happened to be in town and always up for a reason to celebrate. ha ha ha. 

I bought Sarah tiara just for the occasion, isn't she so cute!! The weather started off not so bad but by the end we were all drenched.

Then after we both said our vows, exchanged rings and enjoyed the invigorating effects of the deteriorating weather, Ken announced us man and wife and said I could kiss the bride.

                            The greatest hug and kiss of my life, feels so good to know that she is my wife now.

Then with another burst of bagpipes we all quickly headed inside to open champagne and take a few celebratory shots of Jameson! Ken then had some Italian food delivered and we sat around and chatted and enjoyed the evening.

Thank you too all who helped make this happen and sorry it took so long and happened so far away from our family and friends. We wish you could have all been there, but we did always want to be married in Alaska.