January 27, 2012

Winter in Alaska

Well hello to everyone. Been very busy with work and play up here. Not too much to say right now, just thought I would post some shots taken around the harbor after one nights snow! It has been coming down pretty good, but this all occurred as we slept. Crazy!

Overall snow accumulation is the front part, this took two days to collect. I tend to keep the plastic cleared off, but left this for giggles

So much snow fell that it couldn't melt fast enough and covered the bay in snowbergs

The wind pushed all the "snowbergs" into the individual fingers of the dock

Looking from main dock to the beach next to my office. Harbor dept and ramp are in the far background

My part time job is at the building on stilts, took this picture in reverse of prior, shows just how much snow accumulated in the harbor over night

My truck was completely clear at about 9 last night, today it still hasn't moved and the plows buried me, almost cant even see it! lol. Gotta take her out tonight and clear it.

Afternoon view from office to the harbor.
Unfortunately there was a loss with all the heavy snow. This old wooden sailboat just couldn't keep up anymore. I have no idea what the plan is for salvage, but presently the dock is holding it up. So very sad.