July 24, 2010

Building the set for Perseverance

Well, today was a day of construction. There are three plays on the same set, that will be at the pavilion on the UAS campus. There is the raised stage and two buildings. The platforms are finished and ready to go, so today I began the stud wall construction for the two buildings. One is a box about eight feet cubed and the other is a tall tower, about nine feet right now. Later there will be some scaffolding added to the top. Anyways, they are both basically boxes, one with a round door, the hobbit box, which will have some scaffolding too to mimic a hill, cause that is where hobbits live. The tower will have two big cathedral type doors to swing open and is to be something like the wizard of oz doors. Needless to say the pics I promised for today didn't happen, unless you just want to look at flats with stud construction and luan facing. Not super exciting!!! Once we have the set installed and the painting is done I will stick up some. While taking a break today though at the back of the shop, which is essentially a warehouse in Lemon Creek near the famous Juneau Costco, I noticed that someone had taken some real care and time to build a nice little run-off system. The downspout enters into a little sediment pond, then follows a 3 inch wide creek across the gravel path, splits and goes around a little island that has a Hindu Buddha on it (unfortunately this appears to have seen better days), and then travels down the hillside through bamboo tubes mounted on risers each spilling into the next until the final where it hits a flat stone tilted downhill slightly. It makes a peaceful little sound. This seems to save the hillside from runoff damage and naturally filters the water before it enters Lemon Creek. It reminds me of some of the projects that I did while working as a landscaper,  just on a much smaller scale. Its very cute! Anyways, here are some pics just for fun. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! Take care of yourselves and those you love!!!

This is the part I liked most, pretty cool idea. Inspiration for anyone wanting a unique downspout system to move water away from your building while adding a small maintenance free water feature!!!!